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What we do

At Habana we undertake the following  services but not limited to:

General services

  • In-Hospital Services (Admissions)
  • Out- patient services
  • Emergency Services
  • Pediatric Services
  • Surgical Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • X-rays and Ultrasound Imaging
  • 12 lead EKG

  • Specialized services

  • Chronic pain services
  • Medical Checkup for admissions and    employment for cooperate bodies
  • Medical Education or talks on any medical    topic for cooperate bodies
  • Onsite medical service for public gathering    or events
  • Management of chronic non-communicable diseases
  •     » Diabetes and related complications
        » Hypertension
        » Heart failure
        » Renal failure
        » Stroke
        » Liver disease including Hepatitis
        » Prostate diseases

    Our key units & facilities at Habana Clinic

    We have the following key features and facilities at Habana that makes us unique

    Records and Reception

    Our courteous, attentive and friendly front desk staff will welcome you to Habana Hospital as soon as you arrive. At the reception you will be provided with the needed support, information and assistance on how to get your way through the facility.

    They also provide support to relatives and visitors in addition to organizing our medical record system so as to enhance patient care through accurate and easily accessible client records. Respect and confidentiality are the right terms to describe staff of this unit.

    Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology

    Habana hospital has modern radiological equipment to provide essential medical and diagnostic imaging information support to aid diagnosis and treatment of clients. Services provided include the following:

    • Ultrasound & X-ray imaging
    • Echocardiography
    • Emergency and programmed imaging include
    • Rapid assessment of trauma and injury
    • Detection and assessment of cardiac ejection fraction
    • Evaluation of pericardial or pleural effusions
    • Visualization of abdominal fluid collections
    • Immediate assessment of pelvic pain and abnormal uterine masses
    • Rapid evaluation of acute abdominal pain (kidney, liver, cholelithiasis & spleen)


    Habana Hospital runs a full service, well-stocked, pharmacy which dispenses over the counter as well as prescribed drugs. It supplies all the medicines required in the hospital, including dispensing prescriptions for outpatients. Our pharmacists are experts in drug therapy.

    Services they provide include medication review, providing information on drugs and optimization of medication management to produce quick and positive health-outcomes, all geared towards high quality patient care


    The hospital lab is stock of ultramodern equipment that allows the lab to provide reliable, prompt clinical laboratory services to both in and out patients with very short waiting times. It also provides services to clients of referring health professionals from hospitals within the Tamale metropolis.

    Lab tests are ordered either to help provide information to assist in making a diagnosis, to confirm a diagnosis, to monitor treatment or to allow early diagnosis of an illness before symptoms arise.